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  • Currently the release is in a rather stable state. We have decided to halt the project for the current time being as we make room for other projects. We will, however, quickly come back to MasterRaider Pro in case a necessary update comes around the corner. Consequently, we are not removing the Promo Price we have set. As we said, we will change it ONLY when we feel we have shipped you the best utility possible!
  • Update 1.1 released.
  • IMPORTANT - Due to the most recent update changing the saving and searching of configurations and dungeons, if you want to transfer your old saves to the new one, please rename 'Dungeons.xml' to 'database.xml' in the program directory. Make sure 'database.xml' does not exist in the folder before renaming.
  • The utility currently has a Promo Price which will later change due to its early development. Buy it now and you will gain access to the full features the program offers, including all future updates for free. We strive to make the utility the best it can be and only once we achieve that highest quality we will bring the price up to what is fair for everyone.

Are you tired of playing King of Thieves, just to 1-Star a dungeon you see for the 50th time? Is it really because the dungeon requires a high level of skill or is simply based on timing your jump so you hit the PERFECT pixel to pass the dungeon? What if we told you that the game is also lacking synchronisation and you can almost never make the same jump twice?

Then worry no more! With the release of our new tool, namely "MasterRaider Pro", you are given the opportunity to create a sequence of time-dependent, automatic mouse-clicks so that you can jump at the exact point in time you need to pass the current dungeon. The clicks are on a system level, allowing you to execute them with as few delays as possible!

In addition to that you will be able to replicate the dungeon layout and by doing so the layout is saved to a file, so that the next time you come across the same dungeon, you already have the sequence loaded for you and all you have to do is play it!

  • When replicating the dungeon layout, make sure to every now and then click on the KoT screen, on some button that won't affect anything, so that you can reset the game's timeout timer, so you won't get disconnected as you replicate the dungeon.
  • When dealing with Red Guard or Spinner, the most accurate path you can get right after breaking the locks on the dungeon. After you break the locks, the game screen is frozen, showing the starting path of all traps, so you can see from where they start and with a bit of observation, see their true path, so you can properly save the dungeon.

Future Plans:

  • A Free DEMO so you can test the program partially
  • UI Rework and UI Customization
  • Linux / MacOS support
  • Anti-Disconnect feature (so you can sleep while securely combining gems)
  • Extra program optimization
  • Dungeon naming, so that you can store and load dungeons without having to rely only on replicating it. Will benefit a lot for dungeons which are difficult to replicate (such as with 2 spinners rotating really fast). If you give it a name, you will be taken straight to the sequence editor to create your jump sequence.
  • And more!


  • 1.1
    • Sequence execution no longer freezes program
    • Changed saving system - 'config.xml' and 'database.xml' now hold the app configuration and dungeon layouts respectively
    • Fixed slowdown as dungeons get added to database
    • Added NEWS section that connects to our server for information
    • Added a hotkey to play or terminate the delay sequence
    • Added a 'panic' hotkey to terminate the program abruptly
    • Enabled Options panel
    • Program now checks for update on program start (option included)
    • Added initial delay setting before the first click is performed (used to click on the KoT screen to start raiding the dungeon, such as when you are dead) - accessed from Options and the sequence editor
    • Removed 'Set all Terrain', 'Set all Space' buttons
    • Object editor always visible and enabled when switching editors
    • Dungeon layout is now restored properly when creating a new layout (after clicking 'Main Menu' and then 'New Dungeon' from the sequence editor) - door and totem moved to default positions, editor reset to terrain editor
    • Other minor Quality of Life improvements
    • Fixed a bug with the mouse right-clicking instead of left-clicking

Currently available for Windows 64-bit with Java (JVM) 1.8, 64-bit. Program may run on lower versions but is currently untested.

All interaction is appreciated as it will motivate us even more to work on releasing better versions of this utility (and hopefully other ones for different games)! Tell us what you would like to see in the newer version, what you like, what you dislike and want to get changed/removed and also suggest other games we can create a tool for!

You can either post a topic on this page or contact us @TeamRequem on Twitter if you need any help! We will respond to every single one of you!


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